From the Rector: Dec 2016

From the Rector’s Desk

December 23, 2016

Following his feeding of the 5,000 with five loaves and two small fish, Jesus wanted the disciples to know that the easy part of their work was over, that they now had to face and embrace head-on what it meant to make a real commitment to the Kingdom of God. The result of this conversation was; most of the crowd didn’t want anything more to do with Jesus, with his ministry and many turned away.  And while that conversation occurred over two thousand years ago I believe it is one that needs revisited from time to time so as to rekindle in us the fire of discipleship required of the modern-day followers of the risen Christ, especially now as we celebrate the Incarnation.

As I look and listen to people, I am saddened because many are discouraged; many feel life around them is on the slippery sloop too chaos.

In Jesus’ time chaos seemed to be the rule of the day, but that didn’t stop his faithful followers from acting on behalf of God’s Kingdom so it shouldn’t stop us.  Now as we embrace the meaning behind Jesus Incarnation we must commit ourselves to the work God has called us too.

I’m sure we believe Christ is present when we enter St. James church, Christ is present in the church, every church; but we must also remember that Christ is present in those beyond the walls especially those who have been marginalized by society. So what must we do?

The simple answer to that question is, we must embrace the fact that Christ is also beyond the walls of the church, and then leave the familiar, leave what is comfortable and go and help where ever and whenever we can, and do so as often as we can. This will not be easy work, but it is essential work and we can be sure that as God was born amongst us so many years ago and present with the disciples God will be with us during this ministry effort this missionary journey.

God bless and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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